Procedure Codes



Code Description

Q0710 Radical hysterectomy and lymphadenectomy (Wertheim's)
Q0740 Total abdominal hysterectomy (*/ - oophorectomy)
QO75O Subtotal abdominal hysterectomy (*/-oophorectomy)
Q0800 Vaginal hysterectomy (including laparoscopically assisted)
Q0880 Hysterectomy and removal of uterine adnexa for ovarian malignancy
Q0920 Myomectomy (including laparoscopically)
Q0950 Plastic reconstruction of uterus
Q1700 Therapeutic endoscopic operations on uterus (including endometrial ablation)
Q1702 Microwave endometrial ablation
Q18O0 Hysteroscopy including biopsy/dilatation and curettage
Q2020 Endometrial biopsy or aspiration
Q2230 Oophorectomy and salpingectomy (as sole procedure) (including bilateral)
Q3110 Removal of products of conception from fallopian tube (ectopic pregnancy) Including laparoscopically

Q3800 Laparoscopy and therapeutic procedures including laser, diathermy and Destruction e.g., endometriosis,
adhesiolysis, tubal surgery.

Q3900 Laparoscopy (including e.g. puncture of ovarian cysts+, /-biopsy, minor endometriosis)
Q4400 Ovarian cystectomy (as sole procedure) (and bilateral)
T8580 Block dissection of pelvic lymph nodes (as sole procedure)
Xl 410 Total exenteration of pelvis
X14 20 Anterior exenteration of pelvis
X14 30 Posterior exenteration of pelvis


Code Description

M5100 Combined abdominal and vaginal operatlons to support outlet of female Bladder (including sling procedures)
M5180 Combined abdominal and vaginal operations to support outlet of female Bladder (including sling procedures)- redo operation
M5220 Retropubic suspension of neck of bladder (including colposuspension)
M5280 Retropubic suspension of neck of bladder (including colposuspension)-redo operation
M5300 Vaginal operations to support outlet of female bladder
M5250 Needle suspension of bladder neck
M5630 Therapeutic injection into bladder neck for treatment of stress incontinence (peri-urethral bulking agents), including cystoscopy
M7590 Tension-free urethropexy, including administration of local anaesthetic by operating surgeon
Q2080 Ventro-suspension of uterus including laparoscopic


Code Description

P2130 Colposcopy (*/ -biopsy)
Q0100 Amputation of cervix uteri
Q0220 Laser destruction of lesion of cervix uteri
Q0230 Cauterisation of lesion of cervix uteri (including loop diathermy)
Q0330 Cone biopsy of cervix uteri (including laser)
Q0340 Punch biopsy of cervix uteri
Q1030 Dilatation of cervix uteri and curettage of uterus including polypectomy and Diathermy of cervix


Code Description

M3710 Cystourethroplasty
M5580 Excision of urethral caruncle
M5582 Diathermy of urethral caruncle
P1300 Operations on female perineum
P1400 Incision of introitus of vagina
P1800 Other obliteration of vagina
P1920 Excision of septum of vagina
P2000 Excision of lesion of vagina (e.g.warts and cysts)
P2100 Reconstruction of vagina
P2210 Anterior + /- posterior colporrhaphy and amputation of cervix uteri ( including Primary repair of enterocele)
P223O Posterior colporrhaphy
P2310 Anterior */ - posterior colporrhaphy (including primary repair of enterocele)
P2340 Repair of enterocele ( */- posterior colporrhaphy) (as sole procedure)
P2380 Anterior ( */- posterior colporrhaphy with vaginal hysterectomy (including Primary repair of enterocele).
P2420 Sacrocolpopexy
P2450 Sacrospinous fixation
P2510 Repair of vesicovaginal fistula
P2520 Repair of urethrovaginal fistula
P2530 Repair of rectovaginal fistula


Code Description

P0310 Excision of Bartholin gland
P0320 Marsupialisation of Bartholin cyst
P0510 Simple vulvectomy
P0550 Excision of excess labial tissue
P0580 Radical vulvectomy (including block dissection of inguinal gland)
P0600 Excision of lesion of vulva


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